I live my life as part of my thought : easy, tasty and with joy. So is my art : colorful  powerful, strong and showing happiness. But anyway, I prefer simple art.

After school, since we fight for establishing our studio, we get strength and increase each one inspiration. So I got energy for completing two movies for children, and on the side continuing painting.

I born in Addis, leave in Addis, and feel to stay here as I like life in Addis, even though I would enjoy going abroad for workshops or exhibitions. I want to give energy through my art. As I appreciate powerful things in life, I feel to paint them. I started with powerful signs that used to affect us physically like sun , moon, and later eyes... Some series were also about the beauty of women.

Then, once a woman told me : « if you look after children, angel will look after you ». This sentence stayed in my mind and I adapted it to my art, painting or sculpting women, angels and churches - which were also kind of prayer to God - and children. As well in fact, during 1 year, I was art instructor at Kinder Garden, exchanging with children my passion for art. This experience orientated my paintings toward drawing children. Kids, with their nice mood, make your life energetic, enjoyable, so do I feel to do through my art. Moreover, the women with their beauty give birth to children.

My art is a mix of my school learning  my own composition and my feeling of strength and happiness. Weather I create oil paintings, pastels and sculpture on topics explained before (made of gibsen and white cement, or of bottles combination), weather puppets & movies for children. Through movies, based on traditional Ethiopian culture and natural themes, I tried to pass easy and important messages for children life, as not to be afraid by rain, not to steal or to take care of hygiene.

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